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Masterful Plan for an Economically Robust Community

Scarborough is well positioned to become the next mixed-use and residential centre in ever-expanding Toronto, with both the population and infrastructure already in place to support growth. Consistent with this forward-thinking backdrop, the Agincourt Mall redevelopment is designed to be a complete community for retail, culture, leisure and housing for every stage in life.

Building on the retail history of the site while leveraging connections to existing transit, parks and open spaces, the transformation of Agincourt Mall will create a complete and sustainable community with new residents and invigorated activity. The planned makeover of popular stores such as Walmart and No Frills will continue to build shopper loyalty to the site.

Residences will be built above a well-connected public realm that is made up of a central park, cultural hub, retail square, main street promenade and parkettes throughout the community. New streets will be constructed through the mixed-use master-planned community. The plan will also enhance pedestrian access to the community and connect to the existing greenspace next door.

Not only is the magnitude of Agincourt Mall’s 26-acre redevelopment plan inspired and exciting, the opportunity for Agincourt residents is huge. Think North York’s highly successful Shops on Don Mills, but with greater variety more suited to Agincourt. Opportunities to live, work and play will be available, and the former destination mall will be renewed to create a new marketplace, breathing new life and bringing prosperity to the entire community.

*Rendering is artist's concept only. E. & O.E.

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