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Agincourt. A Complete Community.

Proposed plan. Subject to change. E.&O.E.

Sure to be a landmark development perfectly timed with Scarborough’s expansion, this community will offer the latest in residential options that are right on trend, and the convenience of on-site shopping, community services and facilities.

A walkable retail Promenade and Public Square will form the shopping heart of the community. As a sigh of relief is heard among longtime residents, plans call for the popular current anchor tenants, Walmart and No Frills, to remain. They will be joined by new stores, cafes and restaurants, providing renewed excitement to this destination mall.

Central Park and Sheppard Park, as well as paths, parkettes and plantings will provide cooling green spaces dotted throughout the community where people can kick back and relax.

A cultural hub will offer needed space for classes, interactions and meetings within the community, across from the library where additional space is available. Directly to the north of the redevelopment, Agincourt Public Library is very much a facility for the future. Recently renovated, the library includes a Digital Innovation Hub, expanded Teen Zone, two new program rooms, and a laptop counter for added study space. All the ingredients for today’s desired contemporary urban lifestyle are built into the renewed community.

What was once many acres of parking lot will be transformed into a vital and bustling ‘complete community’. The Agincourt plan also includes underground parking, out of the weather. And that sounds like a completely excellent idea.

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