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Complete Streets and Connections

Proposed plan. Subject to change. E.&O.E.

In the planning and design for the new Agincourt Mall community, the ability to connect was a primary objective. Great streets are for everyone, including pedestrians, cyclists and automobiles, connecting people to their homes and to the larger surrounding community, highways and transit.

Kudos to the architects and planners. The design has been carefully thought out to connect and integrate the shopping and recreational aspects of the community with the residential component.

The proposed revitalization of Agincourt Mall will feature a new set of streets to optimize pedestrian, bicycle, transit and automobile traffic flow throughout the community. New streets will provide great connections making the community accessible from end to end. The new links will wind past places of interest, bringing the people to the places they need to go and further afield.

Currently, transit connections are easy with buses running along Sheppard to the Sheppard subway at Don Mills, and south along Kennedy to the subway at Kennedy Station. The GO Train Stouffville Line is available at Agincourt GO Station, just a 10-minute walk away. Transit planning in Toronto is a moving target, but no matter what plan goes forward there will be substantial new investments in higher order transit servicing this part of the City. The Agincourt community will benefit substantially from these new transit lines.

Motorists are also well served as the community is minutes from the on-ramp of the TransCanada Highway 401 that extends east to west across the GTA and then from one end of Ontario to the other with additional connections to the Don Valley Parkway and other 400-series highways.

Designed to offer efficient traffic flow and good connections for years to come, the new Agincourt Mall community will feel like living at the centre of everything, where getting places is quick and convenient. That’s because it’s been planned that way.

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