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Get Outside in Agincourt!

As much as the neighbourhood has loved their Agincourt Mall, this community focal point has never featured parkland. From the very beginning, when planners and architects began designing the revitalization of Agincourt Mall, creating a large park was at the top of the team’s wish list.

Besides reducing the Heat Island Effect, a new proposed Central Park will add much-needed greenspace to the local community. It will be an important part of a vibrant multi-use public space including lively street level retail. The large parking lot will be replaced with underground parking, freeing up acres of space for residents to use.

The proposed new park situated on the west side of the community will connect to a senior’s community, Ron Watson Park and Agincourt Library. The park provides an opportunity to add program elements, such as music, group activities, celebrations and wellness events that are currently in short supply in the neighbourhood. The park will be an inviting place to host festivals, cultural events, practice Tai Chi and yoga, jog, and converse with neighbours.

In addition, a new Sheppard Park is planned that will enhance the Sheppard avenue frontage and create a more attractive setting for the retail stores by providing a green buffer to the busy street in front. It will also link to the new tree-lined retail promenade in the middle of the site. A public square is planned as the focal or end point of the Promenade where public events can happen or people can simply sit and chat together.

Offering both active and passive areas, as well as formal and informal design, the new parks and public spaces are designed for action and enjoyment on a community scale, comfortable for all ages.

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